Oak sleepers

We are often asked to create outdoor seating areas, removing areas of grass and creating beautiful and functional paved areas. Other occasions call for more natural materials like oak sleepers to be used to allowing them to blend into the environment as time goes by. We now also supply them to both residential and commercial customers.

Sleepers are all 2.6m long and 200mm x 75mm – perfect size and strength for landscaping. They even make pretty amazing lights.

These are available for £30 each, with no vat to pay. We will deliver your order, the cost of which will depend on the quantity and destination. Please contact us for a quote.

Oak works


A recent project undertaken where we asked to create a way of getting to the upper level of the garden using materials that would eventually blend into the hillside.

The obvious choice was to use oak sleepers, like we have before, to create a seemless and flowing staircase into the bank using the contours of the ground to guide our progress. With a lake in the garden we decided to include seating areas so that the most could be made from the garden along the route.

Oak staircase, Cowden

Another oak staircase request, a much steeper bank than Chiddingstone this staircase was to create a flowing walkway to the jetty on the lake